İzlemedeyiz Association, carries out data based social publishing and capacity building to foster Turkey’s governance capacity.

About Us
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Based in Istanbul, İzlemedeyiz carries out data-driven social publishing and capacity building to foster Turkey’s governance capacity.

Founded on January 16th, 2014, Ortak Gelecek için Diyalog Derneği (Dialogue for Common Future Association), has unanimously renamed itself to İzlemedeyiz Association in its second extraordinary general assembly on June 30th, 2017.

runs it’s activities through fact-checking with Turkey’s one and only political fact-checking site Doğruluk Payı, data mining, capacity building with the aim of a more democratic and transparent Turkey.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Baybars Örsek
Vice Chairman: Ferdi F. Özsoy
Treasurer: İ. Uğurcan Akın
Secretary General: Ferdi Kibar
Member: Batuhan Ersun

Dogruluk Payı

Doğruluk Payı is a project of İzlemedeyiz that aims to empower citizens with factual information on Turkish politics and hold politicians accountable.

Since June 2014, Doğruluk Payı monitors political statements and promises, depending on open data. Findings are being published on and various social media outlets.

A board member of International Fact-Checking Network, hosted by Poynter Institute, and a signatory of Code of Principles’, Doğruluk Payı also holds the ‘Best Citizen Initiative’ and ‘Change Maker’ awards respectively by Transparency International and Sabancı Foundation of Turkey.


Izlemedeyiz supports the private sector’s demand for increased government transparency and accountability by helping the private sector regain control of the information space. Izlemedeyiz facilitates it’s experience to provide a web-based platform for private sector stakeholders and other citizens to monitor the government’s financial and economic activities.

Vısıble Munıcıpalıty

Visible Municipality publishes reports on Turkey’s local governments (municipalities) performances on their websites regarding their use of data, figures, expenditures. The main aim is to encourage municipalities to increase their visibility and transparency on digital platforms.

Visible Municipality does not ask and/or seek any payment in any form from municipalities and/or any institution for its reports.

Vısıt Vısıble Munıcıpalıty